Google Adds “Social Gadgets” To iGoogle

Google Adds “Social Gadgets” To iGoogle
googlesocialtodoAustralia is often low down the list when it comes to Google features getting rolled out (Voice, anyone?), but a new range of “social gadgets” for iGoogle are being tested in Australia before hitting the rest of the world.

What’s a “social gadget”? It’s any gadget whose contents you can share with friends (which in this context means anyone in the Friends group in your Google contacts). Gadgets with social features in the initial group include news and YouTube sharing, and games like Chess and Crosswords. Particularly notable from a Lifehacker perspective is the ToDo gadget, which lets you track tasks (though unfortunately it doesn’t seem integrated with Google Tasks).

As with most Google features, the rollout is going to be gradual. If you can access the new iGoogle social gadgets, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

iGoogle now lets you share, play and collaborate with friends [Official Google Australia Blog]


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