Get Up To $1,600 For Ceiling Insulation


If your house doesn’t have ceiling insulation, you can now get up to $1,600 to help install it — even if the insulation needed doesn’t cost that much.

The Homeowner Insulation Program scheme, which kicked off in July and runs until the end of 2011, replaces a previous version which required homeowners to get two quotes before applying for funding. As long as your installer is registered with the scheme, up to $1,600 in costs are covered.

In practice, that might lead to an awful lot of insulation jobs being quoted for just under $1,600, since there aren’t yet any audit processes in place. After all, why will the homeowner care if that quote is too high if they’re not actually paying for any of it? The government itself estimates that the average home will cost $1,200 to insulate, so you’re very unlikely to end up out of pocket .

The one big exception: if you’ve already received a government subsidy to install solar heating, you can’t also get the ceiling insulation funding.

Homeowner Insulation Program


  • Just be careful of “Insulation Installation People” wanting to charge you few thousand dollars on top of the rebate. It should not cost you any money to insulate an average sized house.

  • That is correct, the operators who are over charging consumers should be reported to the registry board as in the end it is the consumer who misses out. Funding will be burnt through at a much faster rate and the estimated house numbers will not be achieved if these contractors continue to rought the rebate scheme and continue to over charge above what would normally considered reasonable price of installation.

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