From The Tips Box: Smart Dishwasher Tricks, Time-Saving Words

From The Tips Box: Smart Dishwasher Tricks, Time-Saving Words

We sort our dishes more quickly, try out a new word to save time, and get a great example of how not to organise our cables.

Make Plans for Oxt Weekend With Fewer Words

“Hey! Are you doing anything the weekend after this coming weekend?” is a bit of a mouthful, but sometimes it’s the easiest way to avoid confusion over what you mean by “next weekend.” Fortunately Ivan has a solution:

The Internet has found a way for you to simply say “the weekend after this coming weekend.”

Oxt Weekend

Save Time by Pre-Sorting the Forks

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Jesse wrote in with a simple timesaver:

My roommate taught me this trick. She sorts the silverware when she puts it the dishwasher in making it much easier to put away afterwards. You’d be amazed how much of a difference this make. Seems like one of those little trick Lifehacker loves, hope you can use it!

Save Space in the Cooler With Multi-Use Water Bottles

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Gaspare tells us how he gets ready for beach trips:

Here is a tip on packing a smaller cooler: I like to freeze a few bottles of water the night before I go to the beach. I then use them as ice and of course drinking. This multi-use will save space in a smaller cooler due to the fact that you don’t need space for ice cubes or ice packs. I normally set the frozen water bottles along the walls of the cooler and then use the empty middle space for other items (beer, fruit, etc.). I find that by the time we’re ready to leave I have an empty cooler so it works perfectly. A second plus is that when I take a water out to drink it it stays nice and cold, and who doesn’t like iced water on a sunny beach day?

How NOT to Manage Your Cables

Sometimes it’s not the list of things to do that saves time; occasionally a cautionary tale helps, too. Glaeven has a “how not to” for us:

This was a little gem my brother thought of: put all of our wires into one tin so we know where they are. Problem is we have a lot of wires. Now there is just this tin and we can’t really do anything with it.

Separate Sticky Hands With Nail Polish Remover

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Tiffany made us laugh with her tip for sticky hands:

Recently my son discovered how fun super glue can be. I’ve dealt with him sticking coins to tables and gluing books together, but I was terrified when he got his hands stuck together.

My mum came to the rescue: a cotton swap dipped in nail polish remover will gradually and painlessly unstick his troublemaking hands.


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