From The Tips Box: Airport Security Tricks, IM Etiquette

Lifehacker readers teach us how to "sneak" water bottles past airport security, set up customisable instant mail notifications on the iPhone, and figure out what ports are used for common network protocols.

"Sneaking" Water Bottles Past Airport Security

Photo by brownpau

Wildeyedboy has a resourceful way of saving a buck at the airport:

At airports, I notice that a lot of people seem to perceive the "can't bring drinks past security" rule as a mandate that they buy expensive bottled water (or juice or whatever) inside. My resentment for disposable bottled water aside, I'd like to point out a rather simple tip. Security won't begrudge you an empty bottle. Bring it in, or if you have a full one, chug it and DON'T throw it away like I see so many do. Fill it at the water fountains at the terminal. Voila.

Keep Track of Common Ports With a Neat Cheat Sheet

UnderLok sent us a link to some handy cheat sheets filled with protocol, syntax and a great listing of common ports.

Avoid Mockery by Double Checking Names

We love to hear about new ideas, services, tips, and projects. (Heck, it's what the From the Tips Box series is all about!) But as a good lesson for all, remember to check whom you're communicating with before you hit send on a message to a stranger.

Teach Your Old Printer to Play the Harmonica

It's tough to diagnose printer issues, but if you just give the poor gadget a harmonica and let it play the blues, you can at least let it express its frustrations. Either way, the self-playing harmonica project involves a vacuum, a printer and is an amusing mid-week project, even if the music isn't all that, well, musical.


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