Firefox Reaches One Billion Total Downloads

Firefox Reaches One Billion Total Downloads

From its earliest incarnation as a Netscape re-write to its current browser share of nearly 30 percent, Firefox has come a long way. Today, it crossed another milestone: more than 1 billion downloads of the free, open source browser.

The recent release of Firefox 3.5 surely boosted the numbers, as more than 5 million downloaded the browser within the first week it was available, but 1 billion downloads is more an indication of a long-term movement than a sudden surge. Peering at StatCounter’s numbers, Firefox 2, 3, and 3.5 are carrying somewhere above 27.5 percent of net traffic through their windows, which says a lot for a browser that started out at, effectively, zero.

For a quick bit of nostalgia, we’d recommend running through Wikipedia’s History of Mozilla Firefox page, which shows off some smirk-inducing early designs and toolbar buttons.

Mozilla will soon launch an official page to commemorate 1 billion downloads, and has a place-holder at Spread Firefox. In the meantime, let’s hear your own early experiences with the browser, whatever they may be, in the comments.

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