EzRSS Provides BitTorrent Feeds Of Your Favorite TV Shows

EzRSS Provides BitTorrent Feeds Of Your Favorite TV Shows

Web site ezRSS is yet another web site designed to help you “subscribe” to your favourite TV shows via BitTorrent so your download automatically starts as soon as a new episode is available (known as broadcatching).

We’ve seen a couple of similar offerings in the past, including previously mentioned FeedMyTorrents (now dead) and tvRSS (which is also defunct and now actually redirects to ezRSS), but ezRSS comes from the folks at EZTV, probably the most popular TV torrent release group.

Need a little help setting up broadcatching with your BitTorrent client? Check out ezRSS’s guide to using the RSS feed with uTorrent. In the meantime, let’s hear how you automate your downloads in the comments.

ezRSS [via TorrentFreak]


  • A mate of mine at work has only got a wireless connection at home, as he cant get ADSL.

    I have setup a shared drop box folder that he adds the torrent files to, then I wrote a batch file that copies the .torrent from my dropbox to a folder that uTorrent ‘watches’ and then it will automatically queue up and download in my ISP’s off peak quota of 60+gb.


    Its win-win!

    I’m writing a tutorial on how to do it, if LH think its worthy?


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