eBook Library Organises And Indexes Your Books

Windows/Mac: Looking for a way to organise your eBooks, perhaps due to an influx of reading material thanks to Google making millions of public-domain books available? Sony's eBook Library can organise your eBooks whether you have a Sony Reader or not.

(Click the image for a closer look.)

Much like you don't need to have an iPod to use iTunes for you music collection, you don't need a Sony Reader to use eBook Library for your book collection. After importing your eBooks into eBook Library you can sort them, display them by list or cover, and can even check out ebooks from your local library if they support the service.

On a netbook or laptop, eBook Library would make an excellent solution for portable reading. While viewing documents you can bookmark, jump to pages, search the text, and adjust the size for ease of reading.

Sony's eBook Library is freeware and available for Windows and Mac.

eBook Library [via Download Squad]


    I would highly recommend Calibre at http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/

    I have a Sony Reader, and I use this in preference to the Sony software...

    If you prefer Sony software you can use http://lib2go.com to convert formats because there's no such functionality in eBook Library, only Calibre comes with converters.

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