eBay Motors Adds Finance Comparison Tool

eBay Motors Adds Finance Comparison Tool

Standard advice when buying cars is never to get the finance from the dealer, but does the same apply if you’re buying online?

eBay Motors has added a finance comparison tool to the site, letting you compare financing rates from a range of providers. That range doesn’t seem to be huge in practice — on my test quote, it came up with just three providers and very little difference in repayment size — so it’s probably best treated as a rough guide to what might be possible than a definitive source of information.

eBay Motors Finance


  • Thanks for the feedback.

    If you do a Hire Purchase you get 6 soon to be 7 comparisons. You are right though, at the end of the day the finance rate means nothing, it’s all based on how much per month. If only consumers would get this. I’ve heard the brokers say the person walked away because a cheaper rate could be got somewhere else. Never mind the fact that he is paying $50 more per month for a ‘better rate’. $50 over 60 months is $3,000 more over the whole loan…

    *note that the tool is a partnership arrangement with Platinum Direct Finance Australia and ebay is not giving these quotes. I developed it using the awesomeness of couchdb, sinatra & extjs 🙂

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