Curing Insomnia With Online Tools

digitalalarmIf herbs don't work to cure your insomnia and you can't convince yourself to get up and work, your PC might be the next best solution to sleeplessness. (No, we're not talking about in-depth financial news reporting.)

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

BBC News Magazine looks into a growing trend to offer psychiatric counselling to help cure insomnia via online courses, rather than through traditional face-to-face therapy. The good news is that it seems to work. The bad news is that such resources are rarely free, though for people suffering chronic sleep loss, that's unlikely to be a major barrier.

Tried curing your sleep problems with an online course? Let us know how it went in the comments.

Can the internet cure insomnia? [BBC News Magazine]


    That clock says 4pm what's that got to do with sleep loss? Can you tell i am bored at work?

      yeah thats pretty poor. You would think they would at least go to the effort to change teh clock time.

    all it needed was the dot photo shopped out! come on life hacker geez! haha

    I sleep like a log

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