Butter Bell Keeps Butter Soft, Spreadable And Clean

Store butter in the fridge and it's too hard. Store butter on the counter and, if it's left uncovered, it gets warm and, occasionally, funky. Stash your butter in a Butter Bell, a novel centuries-old French storage method.

The Butter Bell is basically a crockery shaped like a small cookie jar. Inside the jar, there is a bell-shaped space attached to the lid where the butter is stored, and a small amount of cool water is kept in the bottom of the jar to keep the butter cool and sealed against odours and contamination.

Check out the video below from the Food Network to see how the Butter Bell keeps your precious all-purpose food enhancer safe and palatable:

Have a novel old-school kitchen trick to share? Even if it isn't several centuries old, we still want to hear about it in the comments.

Butter Bell Crock [via CoolTools]


    10 out of 10 for bringing this to our attention, minus 9 for it not being available here in Aus :)

      It might not be available through retailers here, but the company does ship internationally: http://www.butterbell.com/shipping.php

        true, but they don't say how much shipping will cost.
        from a brief look on ebay the ave shipping price is going to be around $20-30 to ship from the USA to Aus

      I found them here in OZ - http://countrysimplicity.com.au/web/

    www.vat19.com have it, and you don't have to ring up for an O/S order. Here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/butter-bell-butter-crock.cfm

      hmm, VAT19 = US$19 to buy, and $25-$75 for shipping, might pass on that

    Next week revolutionise your house with a "chamber pot"!

    If anyone is still looking.....I just found one made in Australia! http://www.thebutterfactory.com.au/store/butter-accessories/butter-crock $30.80 + PH

      And here: http://www.relauncher.com.au/shop/shop-products/kitchen/

    You are so cute and totally gorgeous. Oh, and thanks for the tips.

    Sorry, I was commenting on a differnet video. not sure how it got on here...

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