Belkin Flythru Might Help With Airport Security

Belkin Flythru Might Help With Airport Security

Airport security makes you remove your laptop for screening so it doesn’t get confused with an explosive device. Belkin’s Flythru laptop bag theoretically removes that annoyance by placing your laptop in a see-through compartment so that the harried airport staff can see you’re packing Mac rather than mace.

As Nick over at Gizmodo suggests in his writeup, you wouldn’t want to assume that airport security are going to give a damn about your neat new travel bag, and you may well find yourself being asked to pull out your PC anyway.

For an efficiency-obsessed packer like myself, keeping your laptop in its own compartment isn’t necessarily the best use of space. It also seems like slight overkill if you’ve got a netbook (I’ve known several people who have reported that the original Eee never gets noticed by airport security if you leave it in your bag, though I’ve never wanted to test the theory myself.)

On the other hand, if it does work, you’ll save yourself the hassle of pulling out your notebook every time you pass through an airport — a process which really sucks at Sydney’s T3, where the tables are conveniently positioned nowhere near the actual gates.

Belkin Flythru Now Gets You Through Aussie Airport Security [Gizmodo]

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