Before And After: Cleaning Up The View

If you have a fantastic view out your window, it's a shame to have a cluttered desk ruining the view. Check out this office transformation to see how a little tidying and cable management can transform a workspace.

Lifehacker reader stuntdriver had a great view out his window but a huge mess on his desk. He completely cleaned everything off and started fresh. He moved the computer tower from the top of the desk to some mounting brackets on the side, centered his monitor, and sorted and sifted through the miscellaneous junk that had accumulated until he was left with just the things he needed.

Now he has a clean desk that is relaxing to work at and without a pile of garbage in the way detracting from the sweeping city and mountain views. Great work stuntdriver!

Cleaning Up the View [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That view is absolutely amazing. Where is it?

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