Beanhunter Tracks Independent Cafes

beanhunterWhether it's for a place to work on the road or just a day-boosting jolt, a good cafe is something to cherish. Beanhunter lets you hunt down cafes across the globe, with an emphasis on independent proprietors rather than Gloria Jeans and the like.

With that idea in place, the site is pretty much what you'd expect, with Google Maps of the relevant locations, and user-submitted reviews for the cafes. Right now the Australian coverage is a little thin (I promise you there are more than 18 independent cafes in the Melbourne CBD), but there's still some good cafes listed.

If your most pressing cafe concern is finding a Wi-Fi connection, check out previously mentioned



    It might just be me but no beans are being hunted here in WA. :(

      There seem to be four listed in Perth -- hardly great, but not a complete absence.

        Wow this site looks good. I can see that it's user driven. Which means I guess that if you live in W.A. they are expecting people over there to start populating new cafes.

    The coolest cafe review app released to date without a doubt. Love it!

    It seems that the website has been updated since you wrote this post. It looks very different to the screen shot you have above and there are more features.

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