Australia Post Giving Away Scales

taspostDeclining postal volumes are one reason Australia Post wants to put up the price of stamps, but it's also trying to encourage people to send more mail, and offering a free set of electronic scales to anyone who registers for its Click and Send service is one way of doing that.

Lest you worry that Click And Send sounds like some dodgy campaign that will encourage junk mail, it's a service that lets you fill out the paperwork for goods being sent overseas online, and then either have them picked up by a courier or posted via your local office. It's free to sign up for, and would be handy for businesses, eBay addicts and people with overseas relatives, while the scales giveaway is running until September 20. Picture by czardases

Click And Send [via OzBargain]


    Looks like I'll have to downgrade my browser:

    "Your browser system should be one of the following:

    * Internet Explorer 6.xx
    * Internet Explorer 7.xx
    * Mozilla Firefox 2.0x
    * Mozilla Firefox 3.0x"

    Does it work in Internet Explore 8?

    Hey everyone!

    I tried getting these free scales today from Australia Post - but apparently they have run out of stock!!

    There have been so many people signing up that they have run out! Haha!

    So the promotions over guys! Dont waste your time!!


    Hmmm... a webdesigner at Australia Post needs to get on the ball, and realise that there's newer browsers out there... Went to the Click and Send website, and got a nice "warning" message: "Your system may not be compatible with this application"... it turns out that it was doing browser checking... but only for IE 6-7 and Firefox 2-3.0, no checking for IE8 or Firefox 3.5...

    Oi! just went to Australia Post Click and Send site and they say this offer is finished due to overwhelming response - they've run out of stock. So no free scales... :(

    Run out of stock :(
    Wish I had read these comments first!
    I wonder what type of scales they were anyway?

    Scales are gone, and no attmept is made to get more.

    You should have got an email saying that the Scales will be sent out to you within 28days.

    The rest of you have just signed up for some junk mail.

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