Amazon Brings Photo Product Identifications Powers To Android

Android: Amazon brings the cyborg-like product look-up powers its iPhone application wields to Android handsets, allowing for one-click purchases and "remembering" products through snapshots—but adds in barcodes, too. Your wallet is right to feel endangered.

From the app's home screen, you'll see a simple Amazon search bar, and any items you look up can be purchased through your One-Click shipping and payment settings. What's really worthwhile, though, are the app's photo and barcode-scanning powers. As demonstrated above, it recognised a barcode off a favourite second-hand book, but also picked up a grainy shot of a tape measure tool and turned it around in less than five minutes.

Better still (except for impulsive buyers), Amazon's app notifies you when the items you've submitted for finding are found in the store and delivered to your "Amazon Remembers" account. So there's a potentially great application for gift shopping and list building, but also a scary ability to always have your indulgences ready to be snapped up whenever you head back to the app.

Amazon's app is a free download for Android devices, available in the Android Market.

Amazon Android App [Amazon via AndroidGuys]


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