AlbumArtExchange Offers High-Quality Album Art

albumartexchange Album cover design might be a dying art in the CD age, but serious music buffs can still obsess over classic covers. AlbumArtExchange has around 50,000 album cover scans, and it's not afraid to tell you how good most of them are.

Many people probably don't look any further for album art than the stuff that's automatically downloaded by media player applications like iTunes or Songbird. But if you're really fussed about the quality of scanned covers, AlbumArtExchange might be worth a look.

The main distinguishing feature from other similar sites is the ability to rate covers based on the quality of the scan. That might not make much difference in your iTunes library, but if you're looking for musically-themed wallpaper it's a definite plus. To ensure album art stays embedded in your MP3 collection, check out our detailed guide. Thanks Luke H!



    I've been using the album art downloader
    for some time now, and the Album Art Exchange is always my choice for getting the best quality Album Covers.

    Hi, thanks for the kind words! They are sincerely appreciated. It is the contribution on hundreds of users who are obsessed with setting the bar higher for Album Art image quality that make us what we are.

    Scott Robb
    Owner, (and

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