Air Canada Offers iPhone App For Check-In

aciphoneJetstar is promising SMS-based boarding passes from November, and a similar project is on the Qantas radar, but it's the overseas carriers who seem to be delivering on the phone front. British Airways rolled out a mobile check-in option last November, and now Air Canada is allowing check-in and other functions via the iPhone.

As with BA, the impact on the local market will be a tad muted: as the only relevant Air Canada flights are overseas (Sydney-Vancouver, to be precise), you won't be able to skip a check-in queue. However, for Aussies planning a visit to Canada and a few interim hops around, it could be a definite timesaver.

Air Canada iPhone App


    Sometimes it scares me how ahead of the curve those wiley Canadians are.

    Us Canadians are quite wiley, aren't we? I flew from Toronto to Calgary a couple months ago, and I didn't use a boarding pass, just showed them an email on my iPhone, and they sent me on through. :)

    Air Canada have supported other phones for boarding passes since 2007, using 2-D barcodes (Aztec I think) displayed in emails or SMS. Blackberries have been the preferred device for most users.. very cool.

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