Adobe Customers On Support Hold For Two Hours

adobesecurityWaiting on hold might seem inevitable when you place a support call, but Adobe's two-hour delay on its support line sets a pretty high bar for poor customer communication.

Fran Foo at AustralianIT reports that customers have seen delays that long as a result of recent "consolidation" (which in the customer support world usually means "we've sent it all offshore"). Given the relatively huge price tags attached to Adobe's major products, that seems pretty extreme — and while a spokesperson told Foo that the company was working to resolve this issue, it doesn't sound like Adobe will be introducing an online call wait tracker any time soon.

Many companies try and dissuade customers from calling by offering other options such as email support, but that's not always helpful either. I've been in email contact with the Adobe support team recently for an Acrobat Reader issue that I was experiencing, and, to be blunt, the literacy level was not high.

Had your own support nightmare experience? Relieve the stress and share it in the comments. To get better results, remember to be a better customer and use the norm of reciprocity.

Adobe delays anger users [AustralianIT]


    Expensive - especially when you pay through the nose for their products!

    It's absolutely disgusting, I spent 1 hour on hold yesterday and 2 hours today... they still were not able to solve the problem. I hate the fact that I'm going to have to call them and wait another few hours to see if they get it right this time.

    Hmmm well 3 and a half years later - I called Adobe 2 hours ago and I'm still on hold :)

    Gives me a chance to research alternatives I suppose :)

    I'm well into my second hour with Adobe now .... This is out of control

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