ABC Trialling iView On PS3

iviewlogoThe ABC's iView TV catch-up service is already a firm favourite with Lifehacker readers, especially those who enjoy unmetered access via their ISP. Now iView could become a more lounge-room friendly option if a trial of delivering the service via the Sony PlayStation3 proves successful.

The ABC announced the trial, which will commence later this year, in a press release today. Other details are scant, so we don't know if the delivery will be via the PS3 browser or through a dedicated application. According to the ABC, iView had more than 764,000 visitors in July.

An important note for Xbox and Wii owners: the deal is non-exclusive, so other options could well appear in the future. In the meantime, the PS3 is about to get a whole lot cheaper, and this could be one more reason to buy.


    I have a TV upstairs that hasnt been turned on for 2 years. Those new LED Tv's I am in love with and now the PS3 is less and smaller(not by much mind you)

    Giggidy Giggidy.

    Where is the Windows Media Centre plugin for iView?

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