64-Bit Google Chrome Coming To Linux

Linux users are some of the first to tout (or demand) the benefits of 64-bit computing, and it looks like the devotion may pay off. CNET points to Chrome developer mailing list posts indicating that a 64-bit build of Chrome's open-source, development-stage Chromium counterpart is well underway, ahead of versions for Windows or OS X. So while Microsoft and Apple will have built-in 64-bit browsers for their 64-bit systems, Linux gets a helping hand in the browser field from the big G.


    Probably 1 of the main reasons, is plugins for windows 64bit browser have not been made yet

    theres no flash 64bit, so you can view any flash site on windows within a 64bit browser.....but i think linux does have a flash plugin

    fantastic news, but I'll beleive it when I see it -- the 32-bit google chrome still isn't working in any useable form for linux so far...

    chrome also needs some serious plugins to support it before most users will switch to it from the competition -- as it stands it's only suited for noobs and libraries / internet caf├ęs.

    Umm... linux systems have had 64 bit browsers since, well, 64 bit linux systems have been around. No helping hand from google required, just a 64 bit compiler and the source code.

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