Windows 7 RTM Activation Already Cracked

Windows 7 RTM Activation Already Cracked

It’s been less than a week since Windows 7 was released to manufacturer and already we’re seeing reports that Windows 7 RTM Ultimate has been cracked using an OEM product key from computer manufacturer Lenovo (though the crack isn’t limited to their hardware).

Download Squad points out that, while Microsoft could potentially sort this out, it seems unlikely, since similar cracks were never plugged in Vista. It’s got to be pretty frustrating being Microsoft at times like this. [Softpedia]


  • “If they’re going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else,”

    “We understand that in the long run the fundamental asset is the installed base of people who are using our products,”

    “What you hope to do over time is convert them to licensing the software,”

    Microsoft business group president Jeff Raikes – 2007

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