Who Shouldn’t You Follow On Twitter?

Getting the most out of Twitter requires being careful about who you follow. What rules can you apply to cut down on the meaningless chatter?

Lots of recent Twitter users seem to subscribe to the view that whoever has the most followers wins, and that following lots of other people is the best way to get that to happen. This is pure folly. Twitter is much more useful/entertaining if you’re selective about who you follow, and if you occasionally unfollow people who turn out to be too spammy, noisy or just plain stupid.

Media blog mUmBRELLA has a slightly tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless useful list of suggestions of people you shouldn’t be following, ranging from anyone with ‘diva’ in their title to anyone who’s oversensitive about jokes about recently deceased celebrities. The one that stuck out for me?

People who ask questions they could answer quicker on Google.

What are your own rules for Twitter following (or unfollowing)? Make sure you’re following Lifehacker and then share your wisdom in the comments.

Ten types of people to unfollow on Twitter [Mumbrella]


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