What’s Your Preferred Holiday Transport?

What’s Your Preferred Holiday Transport?
holden_commodore_vacationer_1987_vl_series_03Despite plane flights getting cheaper and more popular than ever, when we set off on holidays, Australians overwhelmingly want to jump in a car.

Figures from Tourism Australia (note: PDF link) suggest that while air travel went up by 17% in 2008, we’re still more than three times as likely to use our own car than a plane when we head off on holidays. (Surprisingly, rail and coach are both more popular than hire cars for Aussie tourist.)

Obviously, there are large stretches of Australia which simply can’t be reached without a vehicle. However, as someone who doesn’t drive and spends lots of time on planes, I’d be interested in the broader perspective from Lifehacker readers. What’s your favoured method of transport for Australian holidays, and why? Park your insights in the comments.

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  • my #1 favourite mode of travel transport would have to be in the passenger seat of a human-powered vehicle, (eg. cyclo or similar conveyance). as there are few of those in Australia, I have to make my way overseas — there are infinite other reasons for doing so — cultural/historical blandness, expensive hotels and other travel costs are pretty high on the list.

    getting there:
    * air travel is by far the quickest way to travel anywhere and statistically the safest way (Jetstar/Qantas maintenance disasters and swine flu risks aside).
    * certainly I’d opt for sea travel but for the economic and time expense;
    * rail if it weren’t equally pricey and lacking the intercontinental connection;
    * zeppelin shall be the future of travel, or so I wish!

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