Use The Scroll Wheel To Zip Through Your Browser History

Firefox: Keyboard shortcuts are handy time savers and when it comes to web browsers a keyboard + mouse shortcut is even handier. Zip through your Firefox history with this simple shortcut.

Lifehacker reader Raghav writes in with a great trick for zooming through your browser history:

It's common knowledge that control-scrolling increases/decreases font size and that alt-scrolling slows down scrolling in firefox, but did you know that shift-scrolling shuffles through your history for that page? Shift + Scroll Up shuffles forward, and Shift + Scroll Down shuffles backwards.

Since you likely already have your hand on the mouse, this shortcut is quite a speedy one. If you have a favourite Firefox shortcut to share let's hear about it in the comments below. Thanks Raghav!


    @da5id_nz - I realize it's a long time after your post, but for anyone else looking, I believe that's All-in-One Gestures that's letting you do that. (I love that addon)

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