Use Gmail Drafts To Sync Text On Your iPhone

Use Gmail Drafts To Sync Text On Your iPhone

You need to sync text between your iPhone and computer, but you’re not willing to shell out for a MobileMe subscription and you’re not really keen on something like Evernote? No worries: email drafts will do the trick in a pinch.

The AppleBlog’s Mark Crump came up with a simple method for syncing and editing text between his computers and his iPhone using Gmail. The trick: Type up your text as a draft on either the iPhone or in the web interface and ta da! Gmail does the rest by keeping the two synced allowing for fully editable text.

This could be handy for quick on-the-go drafts or to-do lists and could be particularly handy if combined with a Gmail GTD system.

What’s your preferred method of text syncing between your iPhone (or other smartphone) and your computers? How well does it work? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Using Drafts to Easily Get Text To and From Your iPhone [TheAppleBlog]


    • Yep, used notes quite effectively, even for large amounts of text and witch cut and paste on the phone it’s actually pretty useable/easy.
      The other bonus is you don’t require a net connection because you’re using the USB cable for a sync (great for when important stuff is sitting on the unconnected lappy, unable to be sent, sync it across to the iphone and then create a new mail and it’s gone)
      Yep, you can tether instead but for those of us who are working in a country where that’s disabled, it works for those times when you gotta get that email away.

  • Just be very aware of the discard button! I was viewing a draft email from the Gmail app on my HTC Hero, I must have hit discard by accident and the draft has gone forever, I can’t believe it didn’t just go to the Trash folder. Do a search for “gmail recover deleted draft” to see the hundreds of other helpless users. There’s no way to recover it or even speak to Google for help or to complain. Shame on you Google. I’ve lost my wedding speeches, never to be seen again! Help Me Obi Wan!

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