Use A Chain Sinnet To Tidy Cables

Use A Chain Sinnet To Tidy Cables

At your work station you can use a wire basket under your desk to stash cables or other containment strategies. What about for cables you take with you for laptops and portable devices?

How about using a chain sinnet? What is this mysterious and loopy creature? At The Closet Entrepreneur they explain the handy method of cable taming:

The chain sinnet (aka chain braid, daisy chain, or monkey braid) is a cable shortening and storing method that can be used to make stray cables a little more pleasing to the eye. You creating a chain sinnet by making a loop at the base of your cord, then pull the remaining cord into each new loop. Be sure to keep your loops loose to avoid damaging the cord.

Never made one before and the text instructions aren’t clear? They found an easy to follow example of someone making a sinnet chain with an extension cord.

Can’t watch YouTube at your present location? Check out the full article below for more information and a picture guide to creating chain sinnet. Have your own tricks for managing cable clutter on the go? Sound off in the comments below.

Cable Decluttering with a Twist [The Closet Entrepreneur]

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