Turn A Shoe Organiser Into A Vertical Herb Garden

Turn A Shoe Organiser Into A Vertical Herb Garden

Don’t have enough space in your place to grow some herbs? Turn a shoe organiser into a vertical garden and as long as you have even a balcony railing with sun exposure, you’ll have more than enough room.

Whether you’re living in an apartment and dreaming of a garden’s worth of fresh herbs for use in your kitchen, or you already have a garden and you want to put the bare side of your potting shed to work, this simple hack will turn your vertical space into an herb growing high rise.

The design is simple. Hang a canvas shoe organizer, fill with potting soil, and plant your favourite herbs in the pouches. With some strong sun and adequate water you’ll have a thriving spread of herbs to flavor your favourite dishes. For more details on the design and implementation, check out the full tutorial at the link below.

Vertical Vegetables [via ReNest]


  • Man.. it’s ugly..
    But, it’s functional and a good way to recycle. There are a bunch of different variations that can be used on this idea to make it look better. If you can just grow the plants to be bigger and thicker so they drape down, you’ll hide the actual shoe organizer.

    • These work great indoors too. You can hang them in a tall southern window or door-way. For the advanced gardener, completely indoors, these work nice in vertical herb gardens that require HPS lighting.

      You can save space, time, and money with tools like this.

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