Try Shampoo Or Conditioner As Alternatives To Shaving Cream

Running out of shaving cream isn't the end of the world—just lather up with some shampoo. Thanks to their formulations, shampoo and conditioner can do that job and a whole bunch more.

Photo By Okko Pyykkö

Web site Life Hackery offers six unconventional uses for shampoo: makeup remover, nail dirt remover, cuticle softener, zipper lubricant, car cleaner, and, perhaps most helpfully, shaving cream substitute:

Shaving cream is one of the products often forgotten during grocery day. Good thing shampoo isn't. In the absence of a shaving solution, apply shampoo or conditioner on the areas to be shaved. Sprinkle a little water to make the solution a bit thicker. Once done, run your razor on the sections with shampoo. You'll... have a close shave, which rivals the results of shaving cream.

We've actually heard conditioner may be an even better solution for improving your shave, whether you're using it as a shaving alternative or just softening up your facial hair before you lather up with shaving cream. Hit up the link for more on the remaining shampoo uses.

Ever use shampoo or something similar in an off-the-beaten-path sort of way? Let us know in the comments.

Extraordinary Uses For Shampoo [Life Hackery]


    I wash my face with some Clearasil to remove all oil then I use conditioner or cheap shaving cream with some coco butter miked in.

    Finally, a new technique that I have developed for shaving, use your razor like a scrubbing brush in small up and down motion. This makes for the closest shave you'll ever get from a cheap razor.

    NOTE: Be careful when going up and down that you don't get any side-ways action!!!

    Not necessarily...

    When I first suggested to a few friends that conditioner gives a better shave than shaving cream they didn't believe me, now they swear by it.

    Now if only i can convince them that toothpaste is a good exfoliant >.>

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