Tidy Office In A Tiny Closet

Tidy Office In A Tiny Closet

Most closets are just the right size to stash a workstation away in and offer one very enticing feature: the ability to shutter your desk away at a moments notice.

Lifehacker reader splitlog wanted to increase the available floorspace in his room. Where best to stash a big desk? In the closet of course. He still has room above the desk on the shelves to stash some clothing but the rest of the closet is a dedicated workspace.

The whole project cost next to nothing, besides a small basic/tray from Home Depot that was turned upside down and mounted behind the crosspiece running underneath the desk. It was a bit tricky assembling the desk inside of the closet, but the result is very effective. I keep a small chair in the bedroom that hides away neatly in the corner. The only downside is the loss of a closet, but there are shelves mounted above the pictures that I keep baskets with pants/clothes in.

For a completely stealth workspace, you could substitute the regular office chair with a kneeling chair that could be slid under the desk when not in use.

This isn’t the first workspace we’ve featured that resides in a closet. If you’re entertaining the idea of turning a closet into a workspace you’ll definitely want to check out Mac in a Box and Behind the Khaki Curtain.

Tidy Office in a Tiny Closet [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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