Telstra Ups Fees For Bill Payment

Telstra Ups Fees For Bill Payment
If you pay your Telstra bill by wandering into the local post office, here’s a pretty powerful reason to dump that practice: from September 14, you’ll have to pay $2.20 for the privilege.

Telstra is also applying the $2.20 fee to payments by mail, and increasing its surcharge for credit card payments to 1%. (Telstra says it will exempt pensioners and some others from the fees.) The justification is that these types of payments cost more to process.

So if you’re one of Telstra’s customers (and millions of Australians are), how can you avoid the fees? The best options are to pay via direct debit or from a savings or cheque account using BPAY, as neither option has any additional charges.

Paying by direct debit is a sensible way to ensure bills are under control, and Telstra is far from the only company that charges these kinds of fees, especially on credit card payments. But it still sounds pretty greedy at the end of the day.

Changes to Telstra bill payments [Telstra]


  • While this may sound greedy, at least they don’t do what optus does and charge a fe to receive you bill by paper, despite having a painfully bad online billing system

  • Moves like this force small business like local LPO’s who already fight bill paying on the internet, to fight even harder. When most bill pay transactions over an LPO counter make the LPO less than $1, how many transactions need to be undertaken to finally break even, let alone make a profit? Someone looks to make a massive profit of this move.

    The part I can’t understand is why Telstra is going to charge you to pay at TELSTRA SHOPS, or to send your payment in via post.

    Country Australia, which relies on Telstra services, even though they are crap, are being furthur disadvantaged by this move. The internet connectivity being so poor in some areas, and to be charged for PAYING MONEY WE OWE. There is something so slimy about this move.

    • “The internet connectivity being so poor in some areas…”

      What does that have to do with it – one of the free channels is BPay which is telephone banking.

  • I was in a Telstra store a month or so back talking to one of the sales guys and the big thing they were promoting that week was that Optus had started charging for printed bills. He was all like ‘oooh Telstra wouldn’t do that and we’re awesome, blah blah blah’….

    I wish I could go have a chat with him now and see him spin his way out of this one…..meh, the only good thing I can say about them is that their coverage in Newcastle is superior to everyone else, even if they charge you a premium for it.

    • The sales guy would not have known anything about it at that point, so give him a break. The change was communicated throughout Telstra’s internal channels over the last week – to make sure we were all ready for the public announcement.
      Previous to that, no sales channels were aware of the change.
      While it would be nice to not have the fee, it’s one of the many things that Telstra didn’t charge for that other companies did, but most people don’t focus on the good things when commenting online about Telstra.
      At least Telstra is exempting Pensioners, Health Care card holders, and people with disability phones, unlike other Telco’s.
      In fact, many companies have not only been charging these fee’s for some time, but they also charge a fee for simply being sent a paper bill.. Telstra has never charged for sending paper bills, and have actually REMOVED the fee’s for sending out bill copies. These can now be sent at any time on request, and as many copies as needed. Not many other Telco’s offer that.


  • I’m afraid to say it, but Telstra is right. PostBillPay is an expensive way to accept payments from a business stand point. A transaction fee starts at $2.50, they obviously got a discount to $2.20.

    The alternate could be accepting payments at their own shops through a self service teller machine. I wouldn’t expect the staff to be able to do it…they’re already busy enough…

  • “The part I can’t understand is why Telstra is going to charge you to pay at TELSTRA SHOPS, or to send your payment in via post.”

    When you go into any store (Telstra, AusPost etc) to pay a bill, this takes time (=wages), electricity (minimal, but can be attributed per transaction) and other accommodation costs (i.e. leasing, overheads)

    It seems as though they have worked out that on average, based on the time it takes to pay a bill, that it costs $2.20 per payment. So they are recouping their costs.

    They are also encouraging consumers to pay by free means.

  • I already pay most bills including Telstra via Bpay so these changes don’t immediately affect me. I’m sure that companies will find away to charge for this method in the future. Remember back when we all got paid cash & then the banks started charging our employer’s huge amounts for this service. They soon convinced everyone that with the introduction of ATM’s that there was no need for cash as our money was available 24/7, well take a look now, it cost $2 or more to access your money even in some cases if you use your own banks ATM’s. Its right these companies are a law unto themselves & will do anything to make huge profits. They know as consumers we have little or no choice. I wonder how they would react if we, the consumers charged them a fee for our time paying these accounts.

  • Payment options are a distraction from the real issue; Telstra introducing the fee. Telstra deceives customers by trying to get them to feel guilty for paying the fee.
    $11m per day net profit last fin year shows Telstra does not have to cover costs.
    It’s disrespectfull and shows Telstra cannot be trusted. It’s not about money, but executive power.

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