Taskbar Eliminator Hides The Windows Taskbar

Taskbar Eliminator Hides The Windows Taskbar
Hanging out for every possible inch of screen real estate? Taskbar Eliminator lets you ditch the taskbar on Windows with a simple keyboard shortcut.

There’s not much more to it than that — it’s a single executable, so after you run it, hit Control-Alt-T to set startup options or show and hide via the mouse. Once running, you can hide or restore the taskbar with a simple Control-T. I find the taskbar too useful to want it out of the way for long (and like my Control-T for new tabs in Firefox), but it’s a useful utility if you occasionally want to ditch the taskbar.

Taskbar Eliminator is freeware for Windows. For a similar approach with Windows 7, check out Taskbar Overlord. Thanks CC!

Taskbar Eliminator


  • What’s wrong with the auto-hide taskbar that’s build into windows? All you have to do is move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, rather than pressing CTRL+T to bring the taskbar up everytime you want it.
    I honestly don’t see the point of this app.

    • The windows auto hide is not good enough because 1. even when ‘hidden’ there is still a line where the taskbar is. 2. It will appear when the cursor nears the screen which can be annoying.

      I currently use object dock which has a built in option to hide the windows taskbar. This way I have no need to ever see the generic taskbar. Which is good. Because it is ugly. But sometimes I want to click a tray icon, and this program is better for that than 1. having normal taskbar all the time 2. having to go to object dock settings to uncheck box

      • yup — unchecking the taskbar>properties>’keep taskbar on top of other windows’ works fine for me:

        if you need to access the start menu, just press the Windows key, if you want to access the taskbar press Windows+T, if you need to access the desktop press Windows+M, if you need to switch applications use Alt+TAB.
        no need for another program and another command to learn — what’s there works pretty darn well as is.
        this is another tool in search of a use — perhaps for people who have a keyboard that’s more than 10yrs old (well due for replacement methinks, just think of the crusty microcosmos inside); or Apple users using BootCamp.

  • You should update this article, Taskbar Eliminator has been updated and the shortcut is now Alt + T, so there are no issues with browser shortcuts!


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