Taskbar Eliminator Hides The Windows Taskbar

taskbareliminator1 Hanging out for every possible inch of screen real estate? Taskbar Eliminator lets you ditch the taskbar on Windows with a simple keyboard shortcut.

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There's not much more to it than that — it's a single executable, so after you run it, hit Control-Alt-T to set startup options or show and hide via the mouse. Once running, you can hide or restore the taskbar with a simple Control-T. I find the taskbar too useful to want it out of the way for long (and like my Control-T for new tabs in Firefox), but it's a useful utility if you occasionally want to ditch the taskbar.

Taskbar Eliminator is freeware for Windows. For a similar approach with Windows 7, check out Taskbar Overlord. Thanks CC!

Taskbar Eliminator


    What's wrong with the auto-hide taskbar that's build into windows? All you have to do is move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, rather than pressing CTRL+T to bring the taskbar up everytime you want it.
    I honestly don't see the point of this app.

      The windows auto hide is not good enough because 1. even when 'hidden' there is still a line where the taskbar is. 2. It will appear when the cursor nears the screen which can be annoying.

      I currently use object dock which has a built in option to hide the windows taskbar. This way I have no need to ever see the generic taskbar. Which is good. Because it is ugly. But sometimes I want to click a tray icon, and this program is better for that than 1. having normal taskbar all the time 2. having to go to object dock settings to uncheck box

        yup -- unchecking the taskbar>properties>'keep taskbar on top of other windows' works fine for me:

        if you need to access the start menu, just press the Windows key, if you want to access the taskbar press Windows+T, if you need to access the desktop press Windows+M, if you need to switch applications use Alt+TAB.
        no need for another program and another command to learn -- what's there works pretty darn well as is.
        this is another tool in search of a use -- perhaps for people who have a keyboard that's more than 10yrs old (well due for replacement methinks, just think of the crusty microcosmos inside); or Apple users using BootCamp.

      as above, really don't see the point when every windows i can rememeber using does auto hide..

    Can't you mouse over the top of the Taskbar so you see the arrows and make it smaller so that it is just a line at the bottom?

    You should update this article, Taskbar Eliminator has been updated and the shortcut is now Alt + T, so there are no issues with browser shortcuts!


    BioniX Wallpaper ( www.BioniXWallpaper.com ) can perform the same function (plus few other more).
    To hide the taskbar just press Control+Alt+T.

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