Recycle IKEA Flat Pack Boxes

Recycle IKEA Flat Pack Boxes
ikeaflatpackIKEA’s flat pack philosophy might mean goods are cheaper and they fit in your sedan, but they also leave you with some seriously large cardboard boxes at the end. Is overfilling your recycling bin the only solution?

IKEA Hacker readers Simona and Flavius didn’t think so, and converted the leftover boxes from their Expedit bookcase into shelves that they could use inside the bookcase. The key ingredients? A little manual labour and some wallpaper.

Even if you’re not so ambitious, it’s worth thinking about recycling your flatpacks. You won’t often get such a large single sheet of cardboard, so even if you just use it as a stand for the fridge, it’s a useful repurposing. Check out our top 10 cardboard creations , and share your own cardboard rescue schemes in the comments.

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