Pin Outlook Templates To The Taskbar For Quick Access

Reader Stephen writes in with an excellent, time-saving tip: you can create Outlook templates for frequently-used topics, and then pin them to the taskbar to make them easy to access.

This technique is not limited to readers using Windows 7, since you can pin a folder to the taskbar in any version of Windows—but the new Jump lists in Windows 7 make it a lot simpler. To create your own set of Outlook templates, Stephen advises:

  1. Create an Outlook template by composing a new email message with the text you want, and then using File -> Save As to save the message as an Outlook Template into a folder of your choice.
  2. If you are using Windows 7, simply drag the template files onto the Outlook icon.
  3. For previous versions of Windows, right-click the taskbar, choose Toolbars -> New Toolbar, and pick the folder that you saved the templates into.
  4. Now you can quickly access your templates from the Jumplist by right-clicking on the Outlook icon. For previous versionf of Windows, you can use the popup folder menu.

It's a great tip for anybody that repeatedly sends emails on the exact same topic. Thanks, Stephen!

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    This is the greatest outlook time saving tip, by far! Thanks Steven and lfhkr!

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