Ovi Maps Offers Free Traffic Information

Ovi Maps Offers Free Traffic Information
ovitrafficNokia has just updated the Ovi Maps application used on its higher-end phones, but for information seekers the real potential treat is in the standard web version, which now includes free traffic information for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

On a quick tour around, the information on the site doesn’t seem as detailed as that offered by Suna on portable devices, but does give heavy, medium or light indicators and details of incidents from Sentinel Content. (Users who want to access the service on a GPS-enabled Nokia phone will need to pay a subscription fee of $6.99 a month or $35.99 a year.) Other Australian cities will be introduced later in the year.

Some caveats: the interface for Ovi Maps is nowhere near as smooth as rivals like Google Maps, Whereis or even Bing, you have to install a plug-in to make routing functional, and I couldn’t get it to work properly with Firefox 3.5.

Ovi Maps

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