Nokia Launches Latest Mapping Software, Available On N97

Being told where to go by your mobile has never been so useful. Nokia has launched its flagship 2009 smartphone the N97 and it's loaded with the latest version of the Finnish phone giant's popular mapping service, Nokia Maps 2.0 Touch.

Where rival GPS mapping services tend to be static and expensive to update, Nokia Maps 2.0 are downloaded and cached on the device itself, letting you avoid those skyrocketing data charges that hit you every month. The mapping software is feature rich, including traffic info, a turn-by-turn directional system when driving, route overview, multiple mapping modes and updated points of interest, as well as the ability to pre-plan and load maps- saving you not only time, but roaming charges. In addition to the new and improved nav software, the N97 comes with an in-built digital compass and GPS receiver.

[Nokia N97]


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