New Folder Wizard Makes Bulk Folder Creation Effortless

New Folder Wizard Makes Bulk Folder Creation Effortless

Windows only: Creating a folder here and there one is all most of us usually need in a day. What if you need to create hundreds of folders? New Folder Wizard makes it a snap.

New Folder Wizard is a tiny—158k!—and portable application. You tell New Folder Wizard what you want for a prefix and suffix of your folder naming system, the range of folders you want it to create, and other small details like whether or not you want the numbering to be padded with zeros and you’re one click of the “Create!” button away from quick and automated folder creation.

Alternately you can use a text file for folder names, New Folder Wizard will pull one name per line and create a folder accordingly.

If you have a favourite tool for automating a tedious task, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below. New Folder Wizard is freeware, Windows only and requires Microsoft.NET 2.0+.

New Folder Wizard [via gHacks]

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