Navigon Almost-Free GPS For Your iPhone

Navigon Almost-Free GPS For Your iPhone
In the GPS world, nothing much comes for free, but Navigon’s new iPhone direction-finding app comes close: you can install it for nothing and check out a pretty comprehensive set of Australian maps.

As Nick over at Gizmodo points out, the ‘lite’ version of Navigon has one fairly serious limitation: no turn-by-turn directions. No price yet on the full version, which is due soon, but for iPhone-toting drivers, it might be worth considering when it lands.

Navigon Lite Australia App [via Gizmodo]


  • I downloaded and tried this on my 16Gb 3G iphone. Its awful.
    Firstly its a demo only, so while you can enter a destination or POI, it won’t create a route from your location, instead displaying a brief demonstration.
    Its GUI is SLOW and very clunky. It may perform better on the 3GS, but if the demo is any indication of the full apps performance I wouldn’t recommend for everyone with a vanilla 3G iPhone.
    I couldn’t invoke street level 3D. Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but I only got the ugly fly-over map.
    Unless this demo is extremely stripped down (at 218mb??!!) I’ll be sticking with google maps.

  • I have to be fair. we bought a 5100 from Radio Shack for $70 and drove around USA for a month. LA, San Fran, Freeways etc
    The system was brilliant, and was a lifesaver over and over. suggest stop wasting your time with an iphone and buy a proper gps?

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