Mozilla Releases Initial Design For Firefox 3.7

Mozilla Releases Initial Design For Firefox 3.7

Firefox 3.5 was officially released late last month, but the Mozilla team has already released its initial Windows theme mockups for Firefox 3.7, featuring glossy, translucent buttons and a host of other potential new features.

Though the MozillaWiki weblog stresses that these changes are “only for brainstorming/exploration”, the updated Firefox theme for Windows may include the following tweaks:

Embracing Glass: Toolbar and Tabs using Glass. Buttons translucent and slightly glossy to meld with the toolbar. Raised 3D lookachieve tactile “feel”.

Page Button: Connect the Page button to the left side of the tab area. Directly connected to the Page.

Tools/Bookmark Bar: Connecting the Tools button to the side of the Window to emphasise the fact that it is used for customising and changing the UI. Adding a button next to that to toggle the Bookmarks Bar which is turned off by default.

Check out the full post for a screenshot of the above changes as well as shots of what Firefox 3.7 might look like on Windows XP and without the Aero Glass effects, then let us know what you think about the redesign in the comments.

Firefox/3.7 Windows Theme Mockups [MozillaWiki via Mozilla Links ]


  • I hate no menu bars (hell thats where i keep my bookmarks toolbar to maximise screen space, even though it doesnt work properly, has lots of slack space that should have bookmarks in it).

    As for glass, sure it looks nice, but who in windows doesn’t maximise their browser for 99.9999% of browsing. In vista, you maximise a window and all glass gets turned off and it’ll look rather cruddy.

    Less time on UI more time on making it so i dont have to restart firefox 3 times a day (i can reguly have it using 400meg + of “Mem Usage” and 500+ of “VM usage”, even after closing tabs, couple that with slow load times and slow run times, im starting to look at upgrading this box to IE8 and use that (i cant believe that i just said that)

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