Maternity Ward Packing Checklist

Maternity Ward Packing Checklist
Newborn Baby
Here at Lifehacker we’re fans of a good packing list, but there’s one I won’t personally have to assemble in a hurry: what you need when going into a maternity ward.

However, for editor Amber at our sibling title Babble, an imminent new child means carefully getting everything ready before labour kicks in — and being an organised type, she’s assembled a list of everything she needs to pack. There’s some obvious inclusions in there (pyjamas, pens, size 0000 outfits) and some strange omissions, at least from the geek point of view (No digital camera! No netbook with 3G broadband!) Check out the full list and then share any extra birth essentials.

Week 36: Get packing [Babble]


  • Here’s a novel idea – how about birthing at home? You don’t need to pack anything and, in my experience, are more likely to have an intervention free experience.

    • D-VOD: I would love to have a homebirth if the option was available through my local hospital. Unfortunately I can’t afford a private midwife.

      But it sure is a good way to cut down on your packing!

  • Don’t forget the heamoroid cream!!!

    if your lucky and don’t need it after the birth, it makes a great face cream (you don’t need the one fingered glove for your face)

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