Make IE Open New Tabs Quicker

ie8loadtimesFinding Internet Explorer 8 a bit sluggish when it comes to opening new tabs? Badly written browser add-ons might well be to blame.

Microsoft's official IE blog explains how certain add-ons (such as Skype) can cause delays when you're opening a new tab, even if the contents of said tab are blank or minima). IE's built-in management tools let you see which add-ons perform badly; click on Tools and select Manage add-ons. The Load time column — which you'll probably have to scroll to see — displays an average loading time for each add-on.

Disabling slow add-ons can give a bit more grunt to your system. Disabled add-ons still show up in the manage dialog, but with their load times in brackets.

If you're packing Firefox instead, check out how to disable the annoying Skype Firefox extension.

How to make IE open new tabs faster [IEBlog]


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