Make A Handlebar Phone Mount With Modelling Clay

Make A Handlebar Phone Mount With Modelling Clay

Your smartphone can handle GPS, music and just about anything you’d need on the go. With this shock-absorbing, fully customisable DIY phone mount, you can enjoy bike rides without leaving your phone behind.

Software developer Sebastian Dwornik shows how he made a handlebar mount for his HTC Touch using Crayola’s Model Magic, a substance that goes from mouldable to firm-yet-rubbery in 24 hours.

Sebastian remarks that this DIY mount “makes for an excellent shock absorber as well as a perfect fit for any device you sculpt it for”. (Not to mention that it’s paintable!) It seems that you could take this project a step further by adding an attachment to wrap your headphone cord around when you mold the mount… or maybe some sparkles.

Have you mounted your phone (or maybe a camera or DIY bike light) to a bike? Tell us how you went about it in the comments, and don’t forget to share embarrassing stories about falling off the bike while texting.

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