Linux Chrome Builds Get Plug-In Support

Linux: If a lack of third-party plug-in support (i.e. Flash) kept you from trying out Chrome on your Linux system, then avoid no longer. The "early developer version" now supports many plug-ins, and they seem to work pretty well.

You'll need to add —enable-plugins to your Chrome shortcut's command line operation to get the "buggy" plug-in support, but it seems worth the hassle, as YouTube videos are playing relatively stable and smooth. Google's updated their alpha-level Chrome builds to include the newest start page tweaks as well, and it's generally a browser worth checking out, even if a few standard settings and convenience items are still missing.

Grab an Ubuntu-ready package from the link below, or build the latest Chromium on any Linux system.

Early Access Release Channels [Chromium Developer Documentation via Absolutely!]


    Note, it should be:

    With two dashes in front. In the article they were fused into a single long dash. (Maybe it was drafted in Word.)

      As it turns out, the Lifehacker site automatically turns double-dashes into long-dashes; It just happened to my comment too. The more you know...

    It's also there in the Mac Chromium builds and actually it's present for a while, since version 3.0.195:


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