Lightroom Mistakes To Avoid

Lightroom Mistakes To Avoid
lightroommistakesAdobe’s Lightroom is one of the few paid-for applications that gets a lot of love here at Lifehacker, rating highly for both its image editing and organising abilities. However, it’s easy to go wrong if you’re just starting off with Lightroom.

Lightroom (and Photoshop) guru Helen Bradley rounds up five common mistakes made by Lightroom users, from not taking advantage of batch processing to using the Previous Import folder. One of her observations actually applies equally to any photo organising software:

Once you bring images into Lightroom, Lightroom tracks where they are on disk. If you delete or, worse still, move the images from one folder to another one, the links inside Lightroom will be broken.

If you’re seeking out the perfect tool for your photo manipulation needs, check out our Hive Five of the best image editing tools.

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  • LR2.3 can search for missing photos (if moved to a new location) and updates its database. Re-opening LR will retain the new locations so you won’t have to search again.

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