Lifehacker And Siblings Seek A Night Editor

If you're equally fascinated by grammar, gadgets, games, free software, journalism and early rising, then we've got the perfect job opportunity for you. Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku are seeking a night editor

While Team Lifehacker is naturally a great believer in automation, the process of editing the US content from our site (and our siblings-in-tech at Gizmodo and Kotaku) still requires a fair degree of human intervention. If you're obsessed with tech, hugely detail-oriented, aware of all the annoying style quirks in US English that need to be bashed into submission for Australian readers and studying for a career in journalism, we want to hear from you. As the title implies, this is a shift job, starting at 4am in the morning. See the job posting at Seek for full details and how to apply.

Seek: Night Editor


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