Last Week’s Best Posts

Last Week’s Best Posts
cherrylovingwomanKick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn’t miss any of the biggest posts from last week:
  • Choice Lashes Axing Of Grocery Comparison Site
    The dumping of the government-backed GROCERYchoice site just days before a relaunch by Choice has understandably got the consumer advocate and publisher pretty hacked off, with Choice’s chief executive describing the government’s attitude as “like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank”.
  • Dress Up Your Ties With The “Merovingian Knot”
    The realm of dress tie knots is dominated by a handful of traditional tie knots. Check out this rather unique tie knot and be the first on your block to sport it.
  • Backhaul 101: Why It Matters
    The first part of the National Broadband Network spending will be backhaul connections, with six regions initially targeted. Backhaul doesn’t directly bring faster Internet right to your door, so why is it important
  • How Much Does Shuffle Play Really Matter?
    Being able to shuffle your music at random is one of the main benefits of the digital music era, but is it something you really use on a regular basis?
  • How To Crack A Wi-Fi Network’s WEP Password With BackTrack
    You already know that if you want to lock down your Wi-Fi network, you should opt for WPA encryption because WEP is easy to crack. But did you know how easy?
  • e-tax 2009 Now Available For Download
    Want to submit your tax return electronically? The official 2009 e-tax program from the ATO is now available for download
  • Firefox 3.5 Officially Available For Download
    Windows/Mac/Linux: The final version of the Firefox is starting to show up on Mozilla’s web site, and some readers are reporting update notices. Here are a few links and how-tos you should check out before downloading that browser.
  • Saving Money With Off-Peak Travel
    Most Australian capital cities offer discounts for “off-peak” travel, but the rules vary widely from state to state. Here’s what you need to know
  • Top 10 Firefox 3.5 Features
    Firefox 3.5 is a pretty substantial update to the popular open-source browser, and it’s just around the corner. See what features, fixes and clever new tools are worth getting excited about in the next big release.
  • Top 10 Productivity Basics Explained
    There’s a core set of habits and techniques that filter and colour a lot of what we write about at Lifehacker, but we rarely step back to explain them for newcomers.
  • Five Best Free System Restore Tools
    Backing up data is a great way to minimise losses after a computing catastrophe. But what about restoring your actual system right away? Here are the five most popular options for our readers.
  • Soaking Is Key For Perfect Homemade French Fries
    You don’t need to install a deep fat fryer in your kitchen or apprentice at a burger stand to get homemade French fries worthy of great praise. The key is soaking your sliced potatoes and using the right oil.
  • Is The Desktop PC Dead?
    Desktop sales fell by 23 percent last year across the computer industry. In the U.S., 80 percent of sales went to notebooks. Gizmodo declares the desktop dead, but we’re wondering if you see a future for non-mobile systems.

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