Keep Your Resume Out Of The Circular File By Avoiding These Phrases

Keep Your Resume Out Of The Circular File By Avoiding These Phrases

Resume writing is an infrequently used skill and one area where most of us will take all the help we can get. Keep your resume from ending up in the bowels of a corporate shredder by avoiding these phrases.

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The last thing you want to appear like to your future employer is a resume writing drone—unless of course that’s your target market. At The Savvy Networker they assembled a list of the worst canned phrases in resume building:

  • Results-oriented professional
  • Cross-functional teams
  • More than [x]years of progressively responsible experience
  • Superior (or excellent) communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Met or exceeded expectations
  • Proven track record of success
  • Works well with all levels of staff
  • Team player
  • Bottom-line orientation

What approach would they suggest you use? As the trend shifts away from bullet-based soundbite resumes it will be more important to write your resume to sound less like a ticker tape and more like you’re actually describing the work you do.

For an example of a “human voice” resume entry, check out the full article at the link below. If you’ve recently been polishing off your resume and have some resume-writing resources to share, sound off in the comments.

10 Boilerplate Phrases That Kill Resumes [via FreeMoneyFinance]


  • @virgilstar

    You are truly a first class knob! Which sadistic person takes pleasure in someone loosing their job? Everyone has the right to seek employment and do in complete privacy. You are so lucky the person who lost their job didn’t sue your arse. Even if a referee is stated on a CV you have no right to contact them without the permission of the applicant. If indeed you are an employer (which I doubt very much) your staff turnover would be so high that you would probably make it on ACA as Australias worst boss. Pathetic sods like you don’t deserve anything good in life.

    Back on topic. My question would be any potential employer who knit-picks at everything on a Resume in terms of wording / style and other [email protected]# facors; do you really want to be working for them? I think not. Enough jobs out there to move to the next potential employer.

    Also potential employers and recruiters need to understand that a lot of us sign confidentiality clauses. We can’t publish details of success or anything regarding clients, strategy etc on a Resume that is blasted by recruiters or for the whole world to see, or even worse publish a Resume on a public website (big mistake!). As a manager myself the last thing I need is staff detailing our operations in full including who our clients are on a Resume. So you have to be vague in a lot of cases. Also referees mean nothing because they are all too easily faked.

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