HP Forced To Fix Australian Cashback Process

Ever purchased a shiny new gadget because of a promised cashback but then had trouble getting the money? If you've bought gear from Hewlett-Packard, chances are you're not alone.

The ACCC has received more than 190 complaints about HP's cashback process in the last year, a large enough number to inspire the competition regulator to prod HP and tell it to get its act together. HP is now promising a better cashback program (apparently the previous agency handling the process has been dumped) and a more streamlined approach to handling complaints, especially about delays in receiving the promised dollars. There's also a new contact page on the HP Oz site to follow up on redemptions, although the presence of a 75-day waiting period is a reminder that these processes really aren't designed to be consumer-friendly.

There's a handy list of cashback guidelines on the ACCC website. Got your own cashback horror story? Get it off your chest in the comments.

Hewlett-Packard changes cash-back processes after ACCC action [ACCC]


    Thanks for the timely reminder. I'm still waiting for my "Count your Compaq" cash back that they confirmed reception of the paperwork for my HP Mini 1000 back in April. By my calculations, their 75 day waiting period is due to elapse some time next week.

    I don't know what all the fuss is about i bought a $700 laptop and got $800 back from HP there mistake my bonus...........HA HA HA HA

    Took 'em nearly 4 months to fork over the cashback when I bought my last HP laptop. I'd personally rather a lower price at the shop next time.

    The machine only lasted 13 months due to an rather common overheating (nvidia) video fault. Be nice if ACCC would attack HP on that one.

    Please be cautious when buying HP products, as customer support is not high on their priority queue.

    I recently brought a new HP Mini 1109 netbook, it had a cashback of $100. I filled out the online details and send my barcode as a proof of purchase. They approved my cashback and send me an email saying that I shall receive my cashback soon. About a month has passed and I still have not received the cashback. On contacting the contracting agency, they send me a rude stating that I should be more patient and should know that I would receive the cash back in next 75 days...

      HP are horrible:
      after claiming cash back of $280 and being told it has approved and having 3 months before the offer ended i thought my money was on its way.
      after months i contacted hp and asked them why i hadn't received my payment. they then sent email back saying the form wasn't complete what BS. asked for all my details and proof of purchase and were going to rectify the problem. i sent all info needed was addressed rudely sent generic emails after answering all there questions and had no reply clearly they hadn't followed it up. still a year later no money! i contacted HP promotions and a direct email address of a HP staff member i was told is aware that ACCC will handle the situation etc. they apparently have no history of my claim or the email correspondence.
      they try to create the illusion your going to receive the money they owe you. then once it has left the forefront of your mind by reassuring you they will follow it up they don't and just hope you won't remember. its disgusting!
      to get results from the unprofessional and manipulative impersonal company
      -Keep all correspondence and contact ACCC
      -give them 7 days to pay the money and inform them after that time period you will be filling a report

    I bought 3 printers and only got 2 Cashback Vouchers. (3 per person was allowed)

    I don't even know how to chase them up on it.

    After the promotion ends, you cannot login to their site to check the status of the Cashbacks.

    They have to wait a certain amount of time though to allow for returns by the stores. Lets say that stores return goods once a month. If you bought a laptop on 1 July and returned it 3 weeks later. You fill out the redemption on 2 July (because you usually only have 2 weeks to get it to them). So now you return your laptop sometime about 20 July. If the store processes their returns once a month on the 15th of the month they won't return it to HP until 15 august. Allow a week for it to get to the right place and a couple of weeks to approve the return and check everything is there for a valid return etc. You're now at the end of August for a purchase back on the 1st July. Then give another 2 weeks for the cash back to get processed and you've got a reasonable time frame for 75 days.

      You should try getting spare parts for a HP or compaq notebook / Desktop (that actually work) if it isn't under their warranty.

      I've got atleast 20 machines away getting repaired that are just waiting on parts.. up to 3 months. Its bull-shit

    Hey kids,
    You get what you pay for.
    Do you buy the most effective tech or the cheapest?
    I went for a hp, bog ,standard printer - which as a bonus offered a cash back.
    what a bonus,until I realised they wanted my bank details.
    Gee why not subscribe to a Ugandan Lottery?

    3 years and no joy for me. Did not realise HP was scamming hundreds of other customers.

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