Google Real Estate Search Not Likely To Expand Soon

Google Real Estate Search Not Likely To Expand Soon
Google’s recently launched real estate search feature for maps has one big drawback: no content from the two biggest real estate sites. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Simon Canning at The Australian reports that while Google has made overtures to both Domain and, neither wants to include its listings in Google’s aggregated system. The two providers — who account for the vast majority of online real estate listings in Australia — argue that Google’s lack of a mobile-specific application makes it a less compelling prospect, but it’s hard not to conclude that neither wants to support a platform that might eventually divert eyeballs (and advertising dollars) away from them. It’s probably only a matter of time before someone tries to build a mash-up incorporating the details anyway.

Google spurned as real estate sites go their own way [The Australian]


  • Oh well, customers take note.

    Don’t use Domain and Realestate to sell your property.

    I’ve found even in its current form, the Google Maps add-on is superior to both and has far more potential.

    Good riddance I say.

  • and Domain are lying awake at night worrying about this. Charging between $450-$700 a year for the “privilege” of listing your properties on their sites is a rip off that they have gotten away with for too long. Even when you bite the bullet and pay it you still only get whatever the respective portals market penetration is ie 40-70%. The sooner everyone supports this the quicker they become irrelevant.

  • Warwick, the fees you mention are not for a year but per month if you are selling privately. Yes, $499 per month to list for each property.

    But there are some operators, like, who are letting you list for as little as $249 – until sold! And you often sell quicker than with a real estate agent.

    Don’t get ripped off. Save your money. Look around.

  • Not sure about or, but listings are already there.

    I think it’s only a matter of time before this service becomes mainstream. It’s definitely a lot easier to use than any other websites.

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