Google Maps Location Finder Pinpoints You In Chrome And Firefox

Google Maps Location Finder Pinpoints You In Chrome And Firefox

While mobile users have been able to rely on Google Maps to pinpoint their locations for some time, starting today Google Chrome 2.0 and Mozilla FireFox 3.5 users will also be able to locate their positions from their browsers.

To use My Location for Google Maps, just look for and click on the small blue circle in the upper lefthand corner of maps (above the street view man icon and below the compass). Google Maps should then find and place your approximate location using the W3C Geolocation API.

The first time you activate My Location, your browser will display a security message, asking you whether you wish to share your location with Google Maps. If you deny this request, your location isn’t shared with Google Maps and the My Location feature won’t be activated. If you accept, your browser will try to determine your location.

If you don’t have Chrome or Firefox installed (or another browser with the latest version of Gears), the company says it will add more browsers “soon.”

I gave it a shot on Firefox, and it took three times for Google to pinpoint me. The first two attempts failed entirely. Let us know if you fare better, and how accurate the service was in rendering your location, in the comments.

The Blue Circle Comes to Your Desktop [Google Lat Long Blog via Gizmodo]


  • Chrome, corporate LAN connection, found me close enough to centre on Brisbane but covering over 200,000 sq km (half of it Pacific Ocean). No nice little location circle on the map. Far better than having to always navigate here from North America, but not close enough to use for navigation.

  • Apparently I live in an underwater lair 500 km north off the coast of Papua New Guinea! It must be true as I got the same result multiple times with Firefox and Chrome. Must go and think of some overly complicated way to kill my nemesis James Bond

  • Hmm I guess they don’t adhere to their own terms of service. This is section (g) under 2. Restrictions on Use.

    use the Service or Content with any products, systems, or applications for or in connection with (i) real time navigation or route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route guidance that is synchronized to the position of a user’s sensor-enabled device; or (ii) any systems or functions for automatic or autonomous control of vehicle behavior.

  • I’m at home (in Geelong), and the dot was in the middle of street, in front of my neighbour’s house, with the radius of only a couple hundred metres. Impressive.

  • Tried it in malaga (Perth) zoomed out the entired city… could even see rottnest so i’d have to say it failed miserably will check back over the next few days see if it will sharpen up a bit!

  • The blue dot is literally right outside my front door. But I live in an apartment building with about 15 wireless networks in range, and apparently that and your IP address are the two biggest factors in figuring out your location. Interesting, but Firefox and Chrome give me results that are consistently off of each other by about 100 meters. But that’s still quite close.

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