Google Maps Adds Real Estate Search

Google Maps Adds Real Estate Search

If you’re thinking of buying a property, chances are you’re already using Google Maps features like Street View to scope out the neighbourhood. A new real estate feature now lets you track houses for sale (or rent) in a given area.

The basic real estate search screen linked below just lets you enter a suburb and shows the location of featured properties, but once you’ve hit a location you can refine the search via price, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, parking or other features. (You can also access real estate as a search category from the options drop-down on the main maps site, though this is hidden by default.)

The volume of listings wasn’t massive on the handful of suburbs I checked out, but high enough to make this worth checking out if you are thinking of moving.

Google Maps Real Estate


  • It looks like REA ( are running scared. They’ve already started to remove Google maps from all their property listings. This competition is great news for property owners and purchasers.

  • This is interesting news for the real estate sector. More interesting will be how other real estate websites react to this move from Google.

    As far as looking for listings (for sale/rent) it seems pretty easy to navigate and although still limited on supply of listings will improve as agents discover how to use this new media to their advantage for expanding their exposure to the market place.

    Overall this looks like a good move for real estate consumers and industry professionals.

    Many real estate property listing sites can be a little limited in the quality of content about the “how to” side of buying and selling real estate. There is a very informative site at for those wanting to be kept informed about the research side of knowing what to do and how to navigate the buying and selling experience.

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